Regenere, also known as Hair Growth MD, is not a medical company or affiliated with any medical company. We are a marketing company representing products that are designed to help issues related to hair loss. Regenere and its affiliates do not provide medical advice in any manner. Requests for a consultation will be sent to a licensed physician, and at their sole discretion, will make recommendations which may include the use of one of, or a combination of, the products that are available on our website. Your order will not be filled without a prescription from a prescribing physician. You are welcome to use your personal physician or one that we are able to refer to you. Once a consultation is completed and only if a prescription is provided, your credit card will be charged and your order will be filled as prescribed by a licensed compounder in accordance with the physician’s orders. 

Hair Growth MD products are available by prescription only. Customers can make an office visit to their own personal physician for a prescription, or can use the telemedicine service, RediDoc, for a medical consultation. Our team will often assist with the intake documentation that the prescribing physician will need. This intake is then forwarded to the physician to use in their evaluation. Hair Growth MD cannot influence whether or not a prescription is made. This is 100% dependent on the physician and their medical opinion. Your prescription is fulfilled by a compounding pharmacy and is made according to your physician's specifications. Hair Growth MD simply facilitates the process of coordination and marketing between you, the physician, and the pharmacy.