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Dr. Klein: Continuing His Legacy

The late Dr. Oscar Klein was the founder and genius behind Hair Growth M.D. He developed a keen interest in hair treatment products due to his personal experience with hair loss in his early 30’s.

Concerned, he tried several medicines to counter the loss, but none were effective in stopping it or in growing new hair. Being frustrated with the limited and ineffective products that were available at that time he began his own clinical research to determine the root cause of hair loss and how to ultimately grow hair.

As a result of his extensive research, he created a new medicine for healthy hair growth he called REMOX™. REMOX™ contains a specific balance of two effective hair growth medicines Minoxidil and Tretinoin combined with other ingredients to improve their effectiveness.

His formula does not have the heavy or greasy feel associated with so many other products, available in lotion, spray or foam.

Over time he developed other effective formulas leading to the development of PROMOX™ adding a third effective ingredient Propecia. All of his products are topically applied to help concentrate their effects on the problem areas and not affect other areas of the body. The creation of these two products brought about a revolution in the field of the treatment of hair loss.

These two key products led to the development of several variations allowing the prescribing physician to further customize the formulas for specific individuals. The effectiveness of his formulas can be further attested by reading about peoples positive results in the various blogs and forums related to finding a solution to hair loss.

Robert Harwood: Continuing Dr. Klein's Legacy

My name is Robert Harwood, like many of his clients, after Dr. Klein’s passing I became concerned about the ability to continue using the Promox™ that had so successfully worked for me over the years. After coming to the realization that there were no alternatives available, this product worked the best for me, I decided to revive Dr. Klein’s original hair growth formulas and invest in the Hair Growth MD brand.

I continue to make the investments because I truly believe in the product as a viable solution to the hair loss problem so many of us have experienced. Like Dr. Klein, I personally use the products we offer, have seen their benefits to others and myself, and will always do everything in my power to make sure we always deliver the best most effective solutions available.

Dr. Klein has helped thousands of clients across the globe grow hair. His formulas have become leading products in combating hair loss. We are committed to continuing his legacy by not only providing his original formulas but also to develop new products and solutions to this challenging problem. When you are ready to tackle your hair loss, I am confident that we have the ability to help.

Dr. Klein's Interview with NBC 2003

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