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Dr. Klein,

The photos that show tremendous progress in just 3 months. Prior to starting Promox I used Hair Genesis for 3 months with very little progress. My routine consists of: 1. Promox spray 3x per day (4-6 pumps) 2. 2 different shampoos (on alternating days). One with saw pallmetto and biotin; and the other with copper peptide. At some point I'm thinking of starting a website to assist in selling it.

Len R.

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Dear Doctor Klein,

I am writing to share with you my great happiness as the result of using your product, REMOX™. Your product has saved my self-esteem. I am 43 years old, and my hair has been thinning slowly but steadily for over 15 years. During this time, I have done what many women do, add blonde color to hide the thinness and stop looking in the mirror. I was very vigilant about standing under spotlights, or in direct sunlight (that not just for thinness, but scalp burning). I never talked about it because then it would draw attention to it and I didn't want people to notice it any more than they already did. I really did suffer in silence. Eventually I wore my hair up more and more and sort of stopped looking at it in the mirror.

One day, following someone telling me about hair transplantation I went for a consultation. There, they took pictures, and I was able to see just how bad my thinning was–and I was horrified. It is amazing what you don't see when you don't look. Anyway, they told me that I wasn't a good candidate for hair transplantation because the sides of the head where they would harvest the hair from were too thin (unusual for a woman, I had male pattern baldness) and they couldn¹t harvest enough hair to fill all the thinness on my head. I left there devastated, incredibly depressed and resigned myself to the idea of Rogaine, which I had bought, but was a dreadful product.

I was visiting a relative in NY who had a friend who had used your product and recommended you to me. The rest as they say is "history". I started using your product REMOX™ on October 1, 2003 and started seeing results within a month. Now I realize that many do not see results that fast, and in fact you had supported me in being patient as it can take some time for the product to show signs of working. As you see by the photographs that I have sent you, ... I find it absolutely unbelievable... My hair is healthy and thick. The very front of my scalp is still filling in and I expect that by year's end I might likely be going on a maintenance regime. I know that if I were some random person reading this letter to you, I would think this a hoax; but all I can say is that this product really works, and as I said earlier, you have saved my self-esteem.

I don't think about my hair (in that old worried way), I run my hands through it, I brush it and I smile broadly when anyone compliments me on it, and guess what?......People compliment me on my hair, that has never in my life happened. Recently I went to the annual conference of psychotherapists that I attend religiously, and as you might have guessed most of the 200 people hadn't seen me in a year. I am very well known in this organization so people see me and recognize me. Well I must say that at least one third of the people commented on my hair....."your hair looks great, did you cut it? Is it longer? Is it blonder? Is it darker?" They didn't know and I didn't tell them, no IT'S THICKER!!!!!!! I just felt great. The other bunch of folks just told me how great I looked, and that was about the huge smile on my face and my feeling so good about myself. These people were used to seeing me in baseball caps and with my hair up, who knows when last they saw me with my hair down. Well watch out world, my hair is down and I feel and look great.

Dr. Klein, thank you so much for this product. Please keep making it, and put it in BIG bottles. And when your ready for a business partner in DC, I'm here and ready to GO!

S.B. Washington DC

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To all of the wonderful people at Hair Growth MD,

God bless you all! Although I had to go through the pain of losing my hair again after Dr. Klein's passing and temporary discontinuance of the formula, I am happy to say that his legacy lives on and my hair is back again!

As you can see from the photos, I have a lush regrowth at my frontal hairline and it's only been 6 weeks since I restarted Promox! What a wonderful Christmas gift for me. I couldn't be happier.

The formula is just as good if not BETTER than before! Thank you for this wonderful and amazing product. I will continue being a happy client and reaping the benefits of a healthy head of hair. - Gina K.S.

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In the hands of a knowledgeable hair loss physician along with the input of a well informed patient, a talented compounding pharmacy can create a custom formula that will give you your best shot at regaining your hair.

So when you are frustrated with OTC Minoxidil and when you grow tired of the hyped products on the radio and Saturday morning infomercials, look to real science for results. The folks at Regenere can provide Dr. Klein's formulas with even more exclusive customization to promote hair growth.

I am a prescribing practitioner and I chose Regenere. I am entering my 9th month of using the products and could not be more pleased with the products and the service. The ladies at my hair salon are amazed at my thicker, fuller head of hair. Indeed, I now need a haircut every 2-3 weeks! - Dr. SL

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