Robert & Ana Harwood

Continuing Dr. Klein's™ Legacy

Dr. Oscar Klein™, founder of Hair Growth MD, first started exploring the world of hair treatment products when hair loss hit him in his early 30’s. After trying many different products, he decided that if nothing was currently working for him, then he would create a product that did. That is how Hair Growth M.D. got its start. Dr. Klein™ helped others with hair loss for quite some time using his Promox® and Remox® formulas, until his unfortunate passing.

Ana Harwood, the current owner of Hair Growth MD by Regenere, and her husband Robert were clients of Dr. Klein’s™. When Ana and Robert found out that one of their favorite products would likely be discontinued due to Dr. Klein’s™ passing, they panicked at the thought of never being able to use his products again. So, Ana decided that instead of letting the product and brand fade away, she would invest in the company to keep its legacy alive. Four years later, Hair Growth MD by Regenere continues to offer Dr. Klein’s™ original formulas; Promox® and Remox®.