Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! All the products we sell are prescription strength, so you must have one to order any of our products.
It is safe for women to use the Remox products during child-bearing age years as long as they are not pregnant or have any other conflicting medical conditions. Post-menopausal women can use the Promox products.
Absolutely. Each order can be custom-made to fit your specific needs, any allergies, or any skin conditions.
It is recommended to apply product twice daily, once in the morning and once in the evening to dry hair.
This varies from person to person and depends on how severe the hair loss is. On average, 4-6 sprays per application are sufficient for the liquid formula, and 2-3 pumps are sufficient for the lotion. Most importantly, you want to apply a thin, even layer over any of the affected areas. Applying super thick or multiple layers does NOT make the product work quicker or more effective.
Anywhere between 30-90 days, as long as the usage is consistent.
No, you must continue to use the product consistently or you will risk losing any regrowth you gained.