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      Frequently Asked Questions

      Below are the most frequently asked questions about our product. If you have a question that is not asked or answered below, please contact us.

      What causes Hair Loss?

      Hair loss can be caused by different factors from stress to poor nutrition. It can be associated with factors such as family history, medical conditions, medications, and changing hormones. Age, hereditary factors, and hormone activity combine resulting in the shortening of the hair growth cycle and steady inactivation of the hair follicles. In time, this produces finer hair, shorter, less visible hairs, and the follicles eventually become incapable of producing visible hair.

      What Is Abnormal Hair Loss?

      Abnormal hair loss is when the rate of shedding exceeds that of a healthy head of hair. An adult who is not experiencing hair loss will typically shed 40 to 120 strands per day. If there is a noticeable increase in the number of hairs collected on your comb or pillow, then this could be a sign of abnormal hair loss.

      What is DHT?

      DHT stands for dihydrotestosterone. It is a naturally occurring metabolite of the human body and the primary cause of hereditary hair loss in both men and women. Rather than causing hair to fall out, DHT restricts and slows down growth ultimately leading to hair loss. DHT can be responsible for hair loss. DHT disrupts the natural flow of vitamins and proteins to hair follicles, preventing them from the nourishment they need to maintain normal hair growth. This ultimately leads to permanent follicle shrinkage and a slowing down of the growth cycle. Everybody produces DHT; however, not everyone is affected by it. Left untreated DHT will continue to prevent growth and each cycle will produce thinner, finer, and less visible hair.

      Who can use the Hair Growth MD Formulas?

      Remox® can be used by both men and women. With a physician's consent, it is safe for women to use the Remox® products during child-bearing age years as long as they are not pregnant or have any other conflicting medical conditions.

      Promox® is prescribed for men and postmenopausal women with severe cases of hair loss.

      Both formulas can be used by men and women ages 18 years old and older. Also, can be used on all ethnicities and hair types.

      How long does it take before this product starts to work?

      This will vary by individual. Clinical studies have shown that regrowth can occur as early as 12 weeks. Just bear in mind, results will vary from person to person, as patience is needed when using our product. If you haven’t seen any results after 3 months, we can add an additional ingredient.

      Will our product work for everyone?

      No, there are several factors that may influence the effects including:

      • The predominance of hereditary hair loss in your family
      • The specific type of hair loss condition you are experiencing

      How long will a bottle or container last?


      Based on the recommended dose, approximately 30 days. As you near the end of one bottle/container, make sure you buy your next bottle so you don't miss any applications.

      If I use more often will it work faster?

      No. Your hair won't grow any faster or better if you apply it more than 4 times a day.

      What if I accidentally spill some on my face or body?

      Don’t panic, just wash it off with lots of cool water straight away; there is nothing to worry about.

      What should I look for as a sign that this product is working?

      You should begin to notice that you're losing much less hair. You might even begin to see new hair growth that may be soft, downy, and lighter in color than the rest of your hair. Over time, this hair should thicken and blend in with the rest of your hair.

      What happens if I stop using this product? Will I keep my new hair?

      No. If treatment is stopped, you may not only lose the hair that grew back, but you will most likely revert to your previous pattern of hair loss. However, if you stop using this product, you won't be worse off than before. You should keep using this product for as long as you want to maintain the effect.

      Can I use this product if I have already had a transplant?

      Since no studies have been conducted to determine the safety and efficacy of this product is for people having had a hair transplant, we don't recommend it.

      Will this product affect the condition of my hair?

      This product can help strengthen and thicken your existing hair. There is no evidence that it will do any harm; however, there have been some rare reports of a slight change in color or texture.

      Do I have to wash my hair before applying this product?

      You do not have to shampoo before applying this product. If you choose to wash your hair, make sure your scalp is completely dry before applying it. This ensures that this product won't be diluted or evaporated before it has been fully absorbed.

      Can I continue my normal hair care routine?

      You should continue your hair care routine as normal but choose your haircare products carefully. Gentle shampoos and conditioners suitable to your hair type are best and always rinse them out thoroughly. If using any sprays, gels, wax, or mousse, make sure that your hair is completely dry before applying.

      Can I use a hair dryer?

      You can use a hair dryer after shampooing, but your hair should be allowed to dry naturally. If you use it to dry the solution the heat will cause it to evaporate before being absorbed into the scalp. Regular use of high heat can also damage your hair.

      Can I go swimming after using this product?

      Yes. You should wait until the treatment is completely dry before taking the plunge. Do not apply an extra dose after swimming. Wait until your next scheduled application time.

      Can I dye or perm?

      Yes. Stick to your normal hair care routine but make sure you tell your hairdresser that you're using a hair growth product. Explain that any massaging of the scalp should be gentle to minimize hair breakage and that if they use a comb it should have round, widely spaced teeth.

      Can I use this product on a receding hairline?

      Yes, you can use this product if you are receding as this is typically the early stage of hereditary hair loss.

      How long is a Prescription good for?

      All Hair Growth MD products require a prescription and the prescription is good for one year.
      To renew your prescription each year, patients must go online to the Hair Growth MD Website and click “Get Started” to fill out the patient form as updated medical information is needed to get the next prescription.

      Can Hair Growth MD customize product?

      We do not customize ingredients within our formulas but can take ingredients out. They promote better results as is.

      What is Latanoprost?

      Latanoprost is the therapeutically equivalent drug to Bimatoprost, which is the active ingredient in the prescription eyelash-growing product Latisse. It’s been found to further help with hair density and regrowth.

      According to the American Academy of Dermatology, Latanoprost could be found useful in stimulating hair follicle activity and treating hair loss. After a study with the Department of Dermatology and Allergy at the Clinical Research Center for Hair and Skin Science in Berlin, Germany, it was found that Latanoprost significantly increased hair density during a 24-week time period compared to the baseline and the placebo-treated areas.

      You can add Latanoprost to your prescription at an additional cost. Please see the product section for pricing.

      Can the product be shipped to Patients in other countries?

      Yes, but patients must have a United States address of someone they know to ship to, who can ship the product to the overseas patient. If shipping directly to the patient, there are risks patients take with Customs and not getting their product.

      When shipping internationally directly to our overseas patients, there are issues with other countries' Customs confiscating our product and product purchased not making it to a patient. There is no guarantee that it will arrive with no reimbursement if the product is lost or confiscated. This is why an American address is needed and your friend or family member ships your product to you.

      Can I order more than one bottle at a time?

      Yes. When the Pharmacy calls for payment of the prescription and shipping cost, you can let them know how many bottles you would like to order to save on shipping costs. There is no special pricing or discount on orders of multiple bottles as the cost is the same per bottle. Spray and lotion can be purchased at the same time.

      How long will it take before I get my product?

      For the Prescription and the first order – The whole ordering process takes 2 weeks or so, between Hair Growth MD Customer Service (24 hours), the doctors (48 hours), and the pharmacy (7-10 days), for the patient to get their order and process it. It is suggested, for your convenience, to order more than one bottle at a time to save on shipping cost and time.

      To Renew Your Prescription Each Month – Contact the pharmacy, they will let you know when to expect your prescription (their number will be on your prescription bottle) or set up with them auto-ship.

      When should I call the Pharmacy (their number will be on the product)?

      • If you are having a reaction or have questions about the formula
      • If there is something wrong with the bottle, sprayer, or lotion pumper
      • If you are unsure of how to use the prescription
      • If you didn’t receive your product or something happened to your product in shipment
      • If you feel the formula is not working after 3 months, please call Hair Growth MD Customer Service (844-900-8333) to see if an additional ingredient can be added.

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